Is the BMW 3 Series Still Best

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    The BMW 3 Series range offers exclusive executive cars that combine elegance with practicality.
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    The 7 best BMW 3 Series of all time. The Ultimate Driving Machine. BMW's famous and now abandoned marketing tagline was the most appropriately applied to the 3 Series, the long-running benchmark for sporty compact sedan excellence. Here are 7 of the best.
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    BMW doesn't do facelifts, preferring to call upgrades something vaguely-Californian like Live Cycle Impulses.
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    Which leaves the mighty BMW 320d. A car whose overarching spread of talents hands it the win, no matter how far you cast the net. There are viable alternatives out there, but when it comes down to it, BMW still has the bases covered.
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    06/05/2012 · No BMW 3 Series suffers from particularly bad depreciation, but if value retention is a priority then some models fare better than others. A manual M3 is the best performer, while a 335d xDrive is pretty good, too. Most 320ds retain around 45 per cent, but the plug-in 330e models fall slightly shy at between 38 and 40 per cent.
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    CARS.COM — Even if you've never owned a luxury car, you know the big players because they've been around so long: Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class.
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    The new BMW 3 Series brakes well, handles a slalom just fine at 60kph, manages lane changes at 80kph, and also accelerates from 0-100kph. Oh, and it can reverse into a parking spot. That's the gist of what I deduced from a half-day of driving the latest executive slash family saloon at the Dubai Autodrome.
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    The Best BMW M3 Ever Is ... it still is fast and handles great, ... It had such great balance between being a normal everyday 3 Series and an absolute lunatic as well.
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     · BMW 5-series review: the best car ... the smaller 3-series yet as ... you’d expect of a large BMW. What’s good with the 5-series is that you can go as ...
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    A recent Telegraph article exclaimed the E39 BMW 5 Series to be the best car ever made. We take a look at if that claim could possibly be true.